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We take the work out of following the weather!

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Are you tired of being caught off guard by price fluctuations in the produce markets due to weather related issues?

Would you like to follow the weather in the major growing regions but don’t have the time to check your basic weather app everyday or even know which locations are in producing right now?

If your answers are yes, then Weathermelon is for you!!

Weathermelon consolidates weather info for all major growing regions of every commodity into one easy to use application. Based on the 10-day forecasts, Weathermelon sends daily alerts to inform you of potential weather issues in growing regions specific to your commodities. It also provides information about harvest dates for each growing region.

We keep you on top of the weather so you can stay ahead of the markets!


the nuts and bolts

Weathermelon is designed by Produce people for Produce people.  The idea and design of the app are simple, which in turn make for a very easy user experience.    After a couple of simple steps you will be up and running tracking the weather wherever it may be and for whatever commodity you buy or sell.  

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Choose your commodities

Simply hit the "follow" button on any commodity you wish follow.  You can choose to "follow" as many commodities as you wish. 

You will then begin to receive daily weather alerts for IN-SEASON growing regions of each commodity.  Alerts are sent at 8:00 AM ET / 5:00 AM PT.


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Region Details

You can view all  IN-Season and OUT-of Season growing regions for each commodity. IN-Season regions receive daily alerts and are shaded GREEN, while Out-of season regions are shaded brown.

Abnormally high temps are shaded RED and abnormally low temps are shaded BLUE.

For each region we provide a 10 day forecast, average hi/low monthly temp, estimated harvest start/end dates. 

Inside each "region weather placard" you will find more detailed weather information along with location maps.  


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receive Alerts

Sit back and wait for the alerts to come in.  We send alerts based upon temps above or below the average norm, > 40% chance of rain, oncoming freezes, and all National Weather Service alerts for all US regions.  All alerts are based on the 10 day forecast and  weather data  is provided by Weather Underground. 




Not only do you get the percentage chance of rain like most weather apps but get the predicted forecast amount which is the most important data concerning rain.


how it started

Weathermelon is an idea born from two friends in the Produce Industry who were looking for more advanced weather information than they could get from a basic weather service app. 

We no longer wanted to be caught off guard when the market went up or down due to weather issues.  The rain that caused the tomato market to spike or the heat wave that caused the lettuce market to drop.  We asked ourselves:

"Wouldn't be great if there was a service that would provide advanced warnings of weather issues in the growing regions for our commodities.  A service that would inform us of coming rains or heat waves without having to check the internet or our phones everyday.  With this kind of information we could take advantage of weather issues and be the ones who set the market, not react to it."

With this goal in mind we set off to build Weathermelon.  But to provide you this advanced info on weather that affects your commodities first we needed to know where those crops were grown throughout the year. 

So after many long hours of researching the growing regions of over 30 top commodities and designing and building this app we are finally ready to offer you the best thing to come along in the Produce Industry since sliced mangoes.  

With Weathermelon at your fingertips you will never be caught off guard again by that freak rainstorm in Mexico that damage the tomato crop or that unseasonable heat wave that came through Salinas and flooded the market with lettuce.  Now, as soon as the National Weather Service forecasts the weather you will know about it without having to lift a finger.  

Welcome to the age of Weathermelon and thank you for your support.   

Team Weathermelon